Photoshop Celebrities

When your Dreams are bigger than your Photoshop skills.

When your Dreams are bigger than your Photoshop skills.

On March 4th 2016, the internet went abuzz when pictures by one Seve Gats went viral. The young lady had photoshopped herself (or gotten someone to help her do the Photoshop) on photos showing her on a once in a lifetime trip to China.

I’m not here to judge the young woman and her intentions, I mean, everyone’s dreams are valid. But I do have to question whether this was an honest EPIC case of Photoshop failing or whether it was an ingenious strategy to increase the young lady’s profile.

Lets analyse the facts:

  1. After the story broke, the website that initially carried the story ( actually crashed.
  2. The young lady became an overnight internet sensation – everyone now knows her name.
  3. Most people did not believe the pictures (as the Photoshop skills were truly abysmal), but nevertheless, people were talking
  4. Like her, pity her, shame her or admire her…..the one thing is undeniable, we all talked about her.

So, was it just an unfortunate case of Photoshop failing or was it an ingenious plan? Either way, I feel this is a perfect learning lesson for all those who would attempt to follow in the young lady’s footsteps.

    Get a professional to help you with Photoshop. If it was that easy to do, we’d ALL be doing it. SCALE. SCALE. Make sure that you don’t look like a giant in your photos. Get your scaling and proportions right. Change the outfit honey! Listen, China is a full 10-12 hours away by plane. You want us to believe you landed and didn’t change your clothes before waltzing around the city? And you saw ALL the sites in one day? Really? Make the pictures believable. You standing on a little wooden pathway on a mountain ledge is just not plausible.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe doing a bad job at Photoshop is the way to go. I mean, it got Seve Gats an all-expense paid trip to China.